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                                                     WE ARE ALL SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECIES....


So, if you believe you can win, and others tell you can win...why doesn't that confidence seem to be enough to get you across the finish line first?


Have you ever been so close to winning, you could taste it, only to have something inside you pull back at the last minute and take first place away from you? 

If you would like to change that something so that it begins to work for you instead of against you Contact me. 


For sport athletes there is so much riding on a win and years of discipline, hard work and determination may not be enough. 


Mentally rehearsing the win is a skill that I can help you learn, practice and eventually master. But pretending you won in your head is only a first step.

Remember that your subconscious mind is where your true beliefs reside. It is the boss of you and your body, and what it believes is what wins. Your conscious mind may think you can win, but if your subconscious, for whatever reason, disagrees or is not totally convinced, you may never be as successful in your chosen field of sport as you could be.


What your subconscious truly believes about yourself and your chances of winning doesn't always make sense, but when we are very young, our subconscious mind is very open and listens sometimes, too well, to the limitations and limited beliefs others impose on us. It can misinterpret something someone said or did and that erroneous belief is planted like a little seed.


Sometimes, we can unconsciously sabotage our own success. If you have big dreams, but talk to yourself in a way that makes your body feel small and threatened, your body may never feel confident in its' ability to win. 


A video in your head of you winning is just a video if it lacks the emotion that convinces you that you won. Images and words in our head can't inspire us to feel the victory unless we feel that victory in every cell in our body, in our heart. 

In order to wire your brain for success and convince your subconscious mind (which is every cell in your body) that it is a winner you have to feel the thrill of that success. Emotions give your body lift off, the proof that you won. They give you the knowingness, not only that you can win, but that you already won.


In order to convince your mind-body that you are already a winner you have to experience the happiness and gratitude of a win, but if all you have ever experienced, again and again, is the disappointment of a loss, then inspiring your body to feel that thrill can seem very challenging.


This is where I come in. I help people learn how to channel pure potential and possibility. I help clients find the resources they may not know they have to finally deliver that win. I can help you change those limiting core beliefs that make your subconscious mind believe that you are not good enough to succeed.

I can help you connect with that part of you that is greater than you, because sometimes you need that powerful assist to get the job done!  


In Quantum Physics there is something called the Observer Effect. When we observe anything, we change it. And this applies to us as well. The more we observe ourselves doing something the more we influence the outcome of whatever it is we are doing and the greater the probability that it will happen. But how do we observe something that hasn't happened yet?

In our imagination! Our mind, our body, our nervous system doesn't know that any imagined experience or victory isn't real. If you bring it to life with sounds, tastes, images, feelings and smells, you make it real. Remember that when we fantasize properly, our mind-body doesn't know that what we are observing isn't reality. So the more you observe yourself winning the more you increase the probability that you will win.


Learn how to make train your mind-body for the win and in the process, grow wellness in both your professional and personal life. 





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