Hypnose helbreder ikke og bør ikke brukes til å erstatte medisinsk behandling. Jeg blander meg ikke i behandlinger som du går igjennom. Hypnose kan brukes som en supplement til medisinsk behandling for pasienter som ikke lider av mentale sykdommer.

Du er klienten min, ikke pasienten min. Jeg må holde meg til Lov om Alternativ Behandling. Jeg behandler ikke sykdommer men i følge Lov om Alternativ Behandling kan jeg hjelpe deg å styrke immunforsvaret og kroppens egen evne til å helbrede seg. 




The mind can play a huge role in stimulating the body's natural resources for healing. When we are fighting sickness we are at our most vulnerable. The uncertainty of serious illness can change our present moment in ways that leave us feeling scared and sad. Taking control of our emotional health is change for the better. Changing how you perceive your condition and circumstances is sometimes all you need to speed healing. The energy you spend on feeling stressed you can now use to soothe, repair and heal your body. 


Medical procedures may treat the physical body, but what about the emotional body? 

Hypnosis does not heal any sickness, but it allows you to take control of your health. So that it isn't just your doctor fighting for your recovery. Through learning how to use healing imagery and relaxation you can stimulate your body's natural ability to heal. 


Hypnosis can increase a patient's sense of personal control over their own health and future and reduce the emotional side effects of worry and helplessness. I help people learn to manage their illness better so they can improve the quality of their life.   

The field of psychoneuroimmunology studies how the immune system is affected by what you do, say, feel and think. Thoughts are energy. This is a scientific fact. The kind of energy that heals and feeds the immune system what it needs to be strong is energy that feels good. So everything you say to yourself in your mind has to feel reassuring, supportive and loving.

The responsibility of caring for a loved one can leave our brain in survival mode. The physical overwork and emotional stress leaves your body with no opportunity to rest and repair. Under these conditions your immune system may begin to work less efficiently.


As a caregiver the only way to give your best is to feel your best. The wonderful thing is that your circumstances do not need to change in order for you to feel better. It would surprise you to know that just a few minutes of relaxation, proper breathing and self-hypnosis can make a big, positive difference. The many benefits to you are even more important to the person you care for. They will feel the difference and benefit as well. 







Selv om hypnoterapi ikke kurerer kreft finnes det bevis på at det kan hjelpe mennesker med kreft å forbedre livskvaliteten på hverdagen.

Forskningstudier viser at hypnose kan bidra til å redusere engstelse hos barn og voksne med kreft som unngår stressende prosedyrer og behandlinger. Noen sykehus som for eksempel, St.George's Sykehus i London bruker hypnose for å roe mennesker ned før cellegift behandlingen. Er du i tvil snakk med legen din.


Jeg hjelper folk til å slappe av og håndtere sine emosjonelle og fysiske symptomer og behandling bedre slik at de kan føle at de har bedre kontroll over egen situasjon. Selv-hypnose kan hjelpe deg å forbli emosjonelle sterk gjennom din kamp mot kreften. 


Hypnose er et effektivt måte å gi støtte til kroppen for mennesker som sliter med alvorlige, livstruende sykdommer og behandlingens bi-virkninger som kan, av og til, føles enda være en sykdommen.

Symptomer som smerter, angst, søvnløshet, depresjon og oppkast som kommer av diagnosen og behandlingen kan kanskje hjelpes og lindres med bruk av hypnose.


Medisinsk behandling kan brukes til å kurere kroppen med hva med den emosjonelle komponent som er en del av enhver sykdom?

Innstillingen mot behandlingen din er viktig. Tror du at cellegiftterapi skader mer enn den hjelper? Det kan hende at den negative tanken kan svekke effekten av behandlingen, resultatene og øke de vonde bi-virkningene. 


Your attitude towards Radiation or Chemotherapy may make a huge difference in how effective they prove to be. If you are convinced that chemo will have a negative, damaging effect on your body, this is obviously counterproductive. During hypnosis we can work with your mindset to aid, not hinder your treatment plan. 


Medical procedures can be used to cure Cancer, but what about the emotional side effects of the diagnosis itself and the treatments which follow? Hypnosis may help with sleeplessness and pain, and it has as been shown to help some people manage the side effects of Cancer treatments. 


Even though Hypnosis does not cure Cancer there is good evidence that both hypnosis and relaxation can reduce worry and fear especially during physically and emotionally stressful procedures such as Chemotherapy and Radiation. Less nervousness means less tension which may help lessen the side effects of treatment such as nausea and vomiting.  

I teach clients how to relax and turn on their parasympathetic nervous system so the body has a better chance to rest and repair. I help people learn to manage the physical and emotional side effects of their treatment and illness. Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis can help you remain emotionally and physically stronger to help your treatments and medication more effectively fight your illness and improve the quality of your day. Self-hypnosis can help you stay emotionally strong for the fight against cancer.





To order Peggy Huddleston's  C.D and book click here 

Studies show that people who are very worried and fearful about their surgery are linked to poorer outcomes during and after surgery. You can do more than you know to improve the odds of a successful surgery with no complications and quick recuperation. I work with clients to strengthen their immune system and build up their emotional resources and resilience to ensure the best possible outcome. 

During sessions I teach clients techniques they can use before and after surgery that can help the body get better faster. Healing imagery may help the body speed wound healing afterwards. Your own imagination can be your greatest resource and can help with the anxiety and discomfort you may feel before a procedure.


Research shows that hypnosis can be used effectively for pain management to lessen pain and discomfort. A hypnosis session which focuses on positive suggestions for healing, healing imagery, relaxation and proper breathing is recorded and can be listened to daily to help the body recover faster physically, emotionally and mentally from the stress of surgery. 


For anyone having surgery I highly recommend Peggy Huddleston's book and relaxation CD, Preparing for Surgery, Heal Faster. This book and CD are recommended at many hospitals including Brigham and Women's Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. 

Peggy's program focuses on the ways positive emotions and the human spirit enhance healing.

She developed 5 steps, to prepare patients for surgery, which research shows helps them feel calmer and more positive before surgery, during a biopsy, MRI or other uncomfortable procedure, use less pain medication and reduce the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 




Healing imagery can be powerful because the brain does not know the difference between what you imagine and what is real, it really helps convince the body of whatever it is you are imagining. Just vividly imagine a lemon in your mouth, the taste, texture and smell. Then check your saliva, if you did it right, the amount of saliva in your mouth will have increased. 

Healing imagery is most effective when you are in a state of relaxation. During a session with me you will learn how to create healing imagery that feels right to you. This is important because it has to feel real. Even people who think they are not visual can learn how to work with imagery.


Imagery created with a powerful intention for healing of any kind sends a powerful neurological, hormonal, biological and chemical signal to your mind and body. The signal is only as good as the sender so you have to put your imagination to work everyday so that your mind/body gets the message regularly and constantly. 


I believe that creating the right imagery for you can send the right healing signals to the body. Visualization is a skill that many of us have to learn how to do in order to maximize and guarantee change. Changing our health for the better is definately worth the time we devote to this. 


Learning how to develop powerful healing imagery that is right for your personality, your body and your health situation is important. I can help you with this and teach you how to use visualization techniques to heal. 


Fantasizing about sex is more real than thinking about it. So when it comes to using healing imagery to support your immune system and kill off cancer cells, fantisizing a positive outcome is essential. If you chose star wars type imagery, then you have to ask yourself, did you feel those cancer cells exploding into nothingness? Did you rejoice at the victory? If you didn't that's okay.

Using healing imagery is a skill that takes time and practice. I can help with that. 

Belief plays a significant role. For this process to work you have to believe that it will and set the intention for healing. You have to believe in the power of your fantasy to create your very own superhero, whatever tht represents to you. Depending on your beliefs this superhero can be Superman or Archangel Michael or a supercharged ray of light. It is a dynamic, creative process. 

Imagery is a powerful means of setting up a line of communication between the mind and body. Paul Aurand, Founder of the Holistic Healing Center and creator of Body Wisdom technique says that "images are the language of the senses and they convey our thoughts and feelings to virtually every cell, tissue, nerve, fiber, muscle, organ and bone in our body". 

Imaginal healing can be a powerful weapon on the road to recovery and healing. We only use a fraction of our brain's potential and its potential lies in our subconscious. Our imagination allows us to connect with it. 

Imagery can be used effectively to minimize the physical effects of any treatment and the negative emotional impact of poor health on your life. Somatic Healing Hypnotherapy for injury, pain and illness developed by David Quigley and Body Wisdom are techniques I use that can help people explore the underlying causes of poor health that reside in the subconscious mind. 




Insomnia is not an illness but a symptom that something is not quite right either physically, mentally or emotionally. It is important to see your doctor. 

When we don't sleep well our life may seem a little bit worse. If we could go without sleep and still be healthy and happy it wouldn't be so bad. However, as anyone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep can tell you, over time the cumulative effects of poor sleep or no sleep can take a terrible toll on every aspect of your life.


Once you have checked with your doctor and ruled out any physical or mental cause, you may improve the quality and length of your sleep, perhaps by changing certain habits or learning to manage the stressors in your life better.


Unfortunately, we can unintentionally become experts at not sleeping, and once we do it can be challenging to become experts at sleeping well. I help people regain their ability to sleep better and feel more physically rested and mentally sharp during the day. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool self-help tool. 


I use Mindfulness and Acceptance techniques as well as Hypno CBT ® for Insomnia which combines Hypnosis with Cognitve Behavioral Therapy, a very effective, evidenced-based tool for helping those who have trouble sleeping.


Contact me to see if I can help you improve the quality and duration of your sleep. 



It is very important to understand the connection between the mind and body because it is at the heart of what hypnosis is all about, and what needs to happen for change to take place. What I tell clients, that almost always comes as a surprise, is that our subconscious mind, which is really the one in charge, is not located in our head, but everywhere in our body.


Thanks to neuroscientist researchers like the late Dr. Candace Pert, we now know that every one of our many trillion cells houses our subconscious mind. So really, we have a mind-body. They are not separate.


So, what does this mean? It means that your liver, heart, bladder, stomach, every cell in your body, as well your brain, has experienced every traumatic or amazingly happy experience you have ever had. 


The subconscious mind, aka, your body is the silent observer of  everything you think, say and do. You can't keep secrets from your organs because they are always listenening to all that running commentary going on in your head.  And they are being impacted, in good and not so good ways, depending on the quality and quantity of your thoughts and feelings. 


Ron Eslinger, a hypnosis expert on pain management, taught me that our central nervous system is connected to the immune system through our brain and mind. This is what Psychoneuroimmunology is all about. What goes on in our mind, the good, the bad and the ugly, affects our health. 


Consciously you can convince yourself of needed change, but if subconsciously your body is not happy with that idea for any reason, then it's not going to happen; no matter how desperate you are to change. Part of my job is helping you communicate with both to make sure they are working together in harmony to accomplish what you want. The important thing to remember is that I don't change your mind. You do.


If you want to create or uncreate something, your body has to want it as much as or even more than your mind. Most people assume that their body wants to be healthy, happy or fulfilled. But actually what it wants more than anything is the familiar. Your body is efficient, and it likes working on auto-pilot best. To the body change of any kind threatens to upset the status quo. It will work to keep automatic behaviors, thoughts, and habits in place.  


If you google the term Self-directed Neuroplasticity you will learn that if you want change, you have to use your mind to change your brain and your body. 


There is a popular and true saying in the world of Neuroscience. "Neurons that fire together, wire together". This means that what you repeat to yourself becomes the loudest and most dominant voice in your head because the neurocircuitry you create with those repeated conversations becomes the strongest. Think about it. What are you always telling yourself? How happy, gorgeous and perfect you are? Or how unhappy, unattractive, and imperfect you feel? 

Most of us have a neural network called "I am not good enough", and if fed daily by thoughts and emotions that constantly reaffirm and make it grow large and strong, then it is going to become the brain's go-to reaction and makes it even more challenging for the puny, seldom used neural network called "I am good enough" to win the day. 

A Hypnosis session can provide the perfect opportunity for you to create positive change in your subconscious mind. Once change occurs at this level, it also takes place at a chemical and biological level that can grow the size of those empowering neural networks, weaken and eventually mute the disempowering voice in your head.